Business service concept:

    After-sales service for customers to provide professional and satisfactory service. In the moment of the enterprise, the customer is responsible, responsible for the product philosophy; always adhere to the "customers would like to think that the urgency of urgency"

    Always adhere to the "customer benefits first" service philosophy, adhere to the attitude of the service against the clock, quickly and effectively solve problems for customers, eliminating the customer's worries.

    Service Content:

    (1), pre-sale consulting with Goodyear Belt Stat selection software to help customers analyze and Minuteman conveyor state, scientific, rational choice of the type of conveyor belt products, specifications.

    (2), in the pre-vulcanized joints joint program to help customers develop, prepare and implement joint rubber joints and provide professional technical guidance.

    (3), providing conveyor belt joint technical services. Customers can then joint personnel training, to provide the tape to install, use, fitting manual.

    (4) providing the conveyor belt installation and commissioning services.

    (5) provide a variety of conveyor belt tear caused by improper use or repair service injury.

    (6), every six months or a year, on-site service again. And the establishment of quality track records for each customer, regular telephone interviews.

    (7) complaints service: 12 hours to reach the province, outside the province 24 hours to arrive, foreign 7 days to arrive.

    Value-added services:

    (1), with the help of user installation, commissioning ripstop conveyor system (Sensor Guard2000), tape and rope-line detection system (Cord Guard).

    (2) to provide joint technical rope core preform (Preform).

    (3) using an ultrasonic and electromagnetic field measurement tools for tape customers use regular plastic cover measurements. Record gum abrasion and cover running costs so far.

    (4), use the online thickness measurement tool that provides tape life and replacement time "diagnosis."

    (5) using Goodyear "Red Handbook" for customers to solve various problems in the production run.


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