Compensation and Benefits

    ContiTech company has a sound and diversified welfare system, to provide employees with internal equity benefits, to guide the future direction of employees, encourage employees to challenge high goals.


    The company will reach an annual target based on results of operations and payment of an annual bonus situation, sharing the joy of harvest with employees, to motivate employees to maintain high morale, continue to meet the new challenges.

    Insurance, provident fund benefits:

    In addition to providing statutory social insurance and housing accumulation fund for employees, but also bear the personal wages should take part.

    Vocational Training and Development:

    The company establish a "tiered classification system to improve the" training system, so as to create opportunities and improve the ability of employees to form a business and personal "win-win" situation; in staff positions on system design, the company's career development staff provided "management technology" and other track development of each employee according to individual talents and strengths, select and adapt themselves to the development of the channel. Companies actively promote the qualification training system, continuous improvement and job type system supporting broadband salary structure, training and development of talent echelon. By co-operation of these mechanisms for employees to build a sound career development system that provides unlimited space for development.

    Subsidies and other benefits:

    Companies encourage employees safe, healthy and harmonious working life, to employees commuting car, cheap, nutritionally balanced meals, paid labor supplies, cooling refreshing supplies. And organize tours every year, so that employees can fully enjoy the joy of the holiday, spare physical and mental relaxation.

    Housing and with cars:

    In order for employees to share the results of the company's development, enhance their sense of belonging and pride, the company provides a company car and housing benefits for the middle management cadre.

    Sports activities:

    A fully equipped fitness Square, the class of employees after the event to provide convenient conditions, where employees may be all the ball games. A variety of entertainment, sports competitions to provide staff with the expertise and talent show stage, while promoting mutual understanding and communication between employees.

    Convenient services:

    The attentive staff provide a convenience store bank teller, shopping, recharge, medical and other convenient services, feel free to use throughout the factory bike station employees can feel the feeling of home.


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