Talent recruitment

    01 Marketing Specialist
    1, responsible for the collection of the company's business within the scope of the tender information, timely feedback leadership audit;
    2, responsible for bidding project registration, material preparation, cost and information feedback;
    3, responsible for the bidding of the typesetting, printing, binding;
    4, responsible for tracking the bidding situation and information summary;
    Job requirements:
    1, familiar with the bidding process, work carefully;
    2, good communication skills;
    3, bachelor degree or above, major is not limited;

    02 Mechanical Engineer
    1. Develop and implement annual maintenance plan;
    2, do a good job in the company equipment asset management;
    3. Responsible for technical improvement;
    4, responsible for workshop maintenance management;
    5, the product assembly drawing and parts drawing;
    6. Complete other tasks assigned by leader;
    Job requirements:
    1. College degree or above, major in mechanical or related;
    2. Experience in rubber industry is preferred;
    3. More than 5 years related working experience;
    4, familiar with CAD and other mapping software;
    5, have a certain English foundation.

    03 buyer
    1, the implementation of purchase orders and procurement contracts, the implementation of specific procurement processes;
    2, responsible for the purchase order, confirm, arrange delivery and tracking the arrival date;
    3, implement and improve cost reduction and control programs;
    4. Develop, evaluate and manage suppliers;
    5, fill in the purchase form, submit the procurement analysis and summary report;
    6, complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.
    Job requirements:
    1, college degree or above;
    2, familiar with the procurement process, good communication skills, negotiation skills and cost awareness;
    3, work carefully, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking, strong team spirit
    4, have good professional ethics and quality, can work under pressure.

    04 reserve positions
    Requirements: if you want to join our team, but now you are not interested in the position of recruitment? You can send your resume to jingting.wu@contitech-sd.cn, and indicate that you want to apply for the post, we will be saved after the classification to the talent pool, and other related positions will be the first time to contact you,


    05 receptionist

    Job responsibilities:

    1, responsible for the front desk phone answer and transfer, do a good job, inquire matters carefully record and convey to the relevant personnel;

    2, responsible for visit customer reception and introduced, strictly implement company's reception service specification, maintain good manners etiquette;

    3, responsible for the send and receive fax, letters, newspapers and magazines;

    4, to help maintain office environment and order;

    5, other work assigned by the leadership.

    Job requirements:

    1, female, high school degree or above, 18 to 25 years old, above 160 cm, good image and characteristic.

    Thank you for your attention!


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