The conveyor belt group holds the global new product research and development conference
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        Shandong kangdi teck engineering rubber co., LTD. Was held in mid-may to hold the quarterly meeting of the second quarter of the second quarter of kangdi tek conveyor group. Sixteen experts from Germany, the United States, Hungary and China attended the meeting.

        During the conference, conveyor belt group vice President of technology and quality Dave Maguire group to share with you the conveyor belt in the future strategy, technology, quality and also for each technical experts put forward a clear aim, namely new product sales to reach 15% of total sales. In addition, each regional expert demonstrated the progress of local product development projects. It is reported that the conveyor belt group has developed 11 new products, such as automatic cleaning conveyor belt and FKM extreme resistance to tropical. It also discussed the standardization of reinforcing materials and core formulations, including the adhesion formula of the steel wire rope, the adhesive of the belt and so on. The global standardization of raw materials increases the procurement efficiency and the purchasing power, which also ensures the quality of products of various factories in the world.

        Participants also visited the factory and research and development center of kangdi tek, shandong province. As the world's largest single conveyor belt manufacturing plant, the size and operation of kangdi teck in shandong has left a deep impression on the experts. Through this face-to-face communication, technical experts from all over the world are not only familiar with each other, but also have closer global cooperation in the future.


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