The internal competition has been successfully completed
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        To encourage the rational flow of trained personnel within the company, to establish the incentive mechanism of talent competition, shandong condi teck engineering rubber co., LTD., according to the needs of internal management within the scope of the company issued a "about condi teck workshop manager internal competition notice, the internal competition work smoothly on May 26.
        A total of 11 people signed up for the contest, and the six entered the public defense. Review committee by the company's managing director general manager Mr BuXiangBin and related departments, making a presentation, field defense, evaluation of the judges, the jury deliberation, the results of the public, in the end by the r&d center of wang wei to stand out, to buy the new job.
        This position within the activity with "openness, fairness, impartiality and merit" for the principle, aiming at providing a fair promotion platform, for the majority of employees not only fully arouse the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, more personal style of a comprehensive display, the positive profound influence among its employees. The company will carefully summarize the relevant experience of this competition and form a long-term mechanism to select talents and promote the self-improvement of employees and the development of the company.





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