The company conducts structured problem-solving training
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    On July 20 and 21, the company invited senior trainer cao yong to conduct a structured problem-solving training for senior middle and senior management.
    The problems of management and management are always present, and the quality of the analysis and problem solving is a constant challenge for all managers. This training with a great deal of discussion of practical problems, cao teacher told everyone to focus on problem solving are four footwork, 8 d, matrix analysis, fishbone diagram, according to the tool to solve the problem, the trainees to master the method in the relaxed and active atmosphere. Prior to that, the company's in-house trainers team had started training in-house staff for problem solving.

    The next step, the company will continue to push for supervisors, research and development engineers, quality management, and a line of the main operating hand to conduct a comprehensive problem solving training, helping learners to correctly face the problems, analyzing problems effectively, to quickly solve the problem, and mining and play their own innovation potential, grasp the problem of control method, establish a problem solving culture, realize the continuous improvement of enterprise and ascension.

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