Impact resistant pied textile belt
    Product specifications and description
    Market: Aggregate, Cement, Coal Foundry, Hard Rock Mining, Wood/Pulp and Paper, Steel Production , Wood Products.
    Application: Log Debarkers, Log Decks, Mainlines, Pit Belts, Crushers, Ship Unloaders, And Any High Abuse Applications.
    Tensile strength: 1050N/mm ¡¢1400 N/mm¡¢1750 N/mm  Width: 500¡«3200mm
    Features & Benefits:
    1¡¢Use triple-warp design, the produces are strong and provide a better overall value than multi-ply and straight-warp fabric construction in high abuse applications.
    2¡¢Loading point impact damage can be a major cause of belt failure. By validate, our produces provide better impact resistant than plain weave constructions.
    3¡¢The triple-warp fabric design incorporates extremely high transverse tear strength. This minimizes tears that result from material punctures as well as edge tears from misaligned belts.
    4¡¢Rigorous dynamic and static testing ensure that the impact resistance pied textile belt provide superior mechanical fastener retention as compared with multi-ply and straight-warp constructions.
    5¡¢With less plies design, superior flexibility around small pulleys, the belt saves maintenance cost.
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