EP belting
    Product specifications and description
    Feature: the carcass is EP fabric(warp is PET, weft is NN66). With the benefit that light in weight, high modulus, impact resistant, Low loading extension rate, Easy to trough and track, good flexibility , Anti- heat and humidity and also avoid insect destroy.
    Market: Aggregate, Baggage Handling, Bulk Handing,  Cement, Coal, Foundry, Grain, Hard Rock, Package Handling, Wood Products, Sand and Gravel, Steel Products.
    Applications: Coal Prep Plant, Log Debarkers, Log Decks, Mainlines, Pit Belts, Primary Crushers, Secondary Crushers, Ship Unloaders, Stacker Conveyors, Trash and Recycling.
    Tensile strength:  80¡«3000N/mm Width: 500¡«3200mm
    Features & Benefits:
    1¡¢Reduced strength
    The combination of fabric design and dip process provide less elastic and permanent elongation on all specifications this minimizes take-up concerns and reduce the number of splice at break-in. contact Shandong aneng to calculate permanent and elastic elongation requirements for your special systems.
    2¡¢High-modules, superior troughing characteristics
    With the high-tension PET warp and NN66 fiber could provide the belt high-modules and superior troughing characteristics.
    3¡¢Variety of cover compounds and cover gauges
    Protect your product with the proper compound and cover gauge for the application.
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