Talent Strategy

    Talent strategy: people-oriented, with talent a successful career with a career achievement personnel, relying on staff to create excellence.

    Personnel Standards: competent job that is talent, the pursuit of excellence is the talents

    Talent Environment: fair competition, sustainable development

    Use of personnel: only the amount applicable, the post can be affordable.

    Stimulating: target incentive, cultural motivation, treatment motivation, emotional motivation.

    Talents: to establish the ideal, temper will cultivate skills.

    Workforce: performance plus potential, product Giga talent.

    Talent retention: cause, treatment to keep people, emotions keep people, keep people trained.

    HR vision: to build a learning organization, making the company to attract and retain talent in a competitive advantage.


    We want you to do is:

    Into the team: integration is a kind of respect, is an accomplishment, a lift, a trickle became a surging river mission. Your integration and hard work will make our team even more perfect, brand louder, more powerful force. We respect the team, while emphasizing human values and personality, respect for the individual's ability to innovate; we believe that innovation is the personal source of innovation team.

    Responsible for the customer: the customer is our god, we must have the professionalism King Kong, love, adequate job skills, effective teamwork efficiency, the strict sense of the quality of work, grateful sense of customer service.

    Rapid growth: Talent is the first resource of energy security. We have a higher quality than competitors, faster, better service, brand louder, we expect you to be able to grow rapidly with the development of energy security and support further development of their own business development.


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