The brother factory actively carries out the study exchange
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        On April 18, shandong condi teck engineering rubber co., LTD., production, technology, human resources departments such as the backbone line of 15 people to bei fellow-member long shun changzhou factory has carried out a study tour. The main purpose of this visit is to learn the advanced quality management experience of changzhou factory.
        The team was warmly received by the local management team, such as gao yuang, manager of changzhou factory, and wu zheng, human resources manager. They first introduced the basic situation of enterprise development, production management, business partner and production operation. The team then took a field tour to study the on-site management and quality control flow of the production workshop, such as coating, embossing and painting.
        In addition, the changzhou plant project director around online quality management, 8 d problem solving, clean plan, new employees training project and so on four themes, with the visiting team share the factory's actual management experience. During the learning process, the two teams have in-depth discussions and enhanced mutual understanding.
        Through this learning journey, let the shandong condi teck team benefit a lot from it, the factory employees will also combines the actual conditions of their own characteristics, to practice, continue to strengthen internal work in the future study and communication.






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